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Flux:: Black Friday

From now until December 8th, benefit from a massive discount on the following Flux:: plug-ins: Single Plug-in            PROMO* Retail price (VAT incl. 7.7%) Evo Channel Evo In Epure v3                    69.00 34.50                  79.00 149.00 69.00 179.00 Alchemist v3 Elixir V3 BitterSweet Pro v3                159.00                  79.00                  59.00 349.00 179.00 129.00 Solera v3                  79.00 179.00 Pure Compressor v3                  39.00 79.00 Pure DCompressor v3                  39.00 79.00 Pure Expander v3                  39.00 79.00 Pure DExpander v3                  39.00 79.00 Pure Limiter v3                  39.00 79.00 Syrah v3                  59.00 129.00 Jünger Audio Level Magic Multichannel Jünger Audio Level Magic Stereo Pure Analyzer Essential 489.00 389.00 399.00 Pure Analyzer Metering Option 199.00 Pure Analyzer Live Option 199.00 Pure Analyzer Multichannel Option 199.00 Ircam Tools by Flux Ircam Spat Revolution Ircam HEar v3 49.00 1'790.00 99.00 Ircam VERB Session                  59.00 119.00 Ircam VERB v3                169.00 379.00 Ircam TRAX v3                199.00 399.00 Bundles Ircam Studio                249.00 499.00 Full Pack 2.2                399.00 899.00 Mastering Pack 1.1                199.00 429.00 Studio Session Pack                  59.00 179.00 *   Black Friday promo is valid from 18.11 until 8.12.2019 All the prices

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All your favorite plug-ins easy available and at the best price

Plugin Factory from i-sound is the best platform in Switzerland to guide you through what you are looking for. EQ - Compressor - Reverb - Delay - FX - Limiter - Spatializer - Synthesizer - Flanger... We have them all! Not sure about what you need, simply contact us and we may guide you. On request, we can also deposit a trial license on your account. BUY AUDIO PLUG-INS AT THE BEST PRICE IN SWITZERLAND With more than 20 years experience in the digital audio domain, we have used everything, beginning with the first Waves plug-ins. If you are looking for something special, we have the solution. Praesent posuere ante Ut vitae lobortis magna, id viverra orci. In eget scelerisque nibh, nec suscipit lacus. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Aliquam pulvinar ipsum augue, tempor luctus felis malesuada venenatis. Vestibulum sit amet imperdiet risus. Etiam eget vehicula metus, ac vehicula libero. Aliquam et viverra urna. Vivamus elementum porta lectus. Vestibulum volutpat mollis odio, sit amet imperdiet augue ullamcorper in. Nulla dapibus rutrum congue. Proin efficitur, dolor ac eleifend lobortis, lacus libero vulputate

All your favorite plug-ins easy available and at the best price2015-10-11T16:49:11+02:00
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