Flux:: sound and development has its roots in the 1990’s during the early days of digital audio software workstations.

Back then the selection of audio software tools was quite limited, and in lack of the right software tools Gaël Martinet, the founder of Flux:: at the time a seasoned sound engineer in the recording, mastering and post-production world in Paris, France, piled up with books about C++ programming fully determined to create the tools he needed himself.

After over a decade, and with a close collaboration as a subcontractor for Merging Technologies being deeply involved in the creation of Merging’s now well renowned products, finally in 2006 the idea of Flux:: and the dream of an exquisite product line tailored for professional sound engineers was starting to take shape.

Flux:: has since then been focused on creating intuitive and technically innovative audio software tools, used by sound engineers and producers in the professional audio, broadcast, post production and mastering industry all over the world.

Flux:: is officially distributed by i-sound in Switzerland.

If you are a dealer interested in reselling Flu:: plug-ins, write us an inquiry here.

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  • VST

  • Audio Unit

  • AAX Native

  • AAX Audiosuite



  • Mac

  • PC

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